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What is Portrait Painting?

A portrait is the kind of painting which depicts a person’s face or the whole body also. A portrait is designed with the intention to capture the memories. In ancient times, the famous personalities used to get their portraits painted as they were quite expensive. The portrait painters used to charge a lot for painting a portrait painting. After the introduction of photography the scenario of portrait painting changed a lot. Since then, people started getting their photographs clicked, as it was convenient as well as affordable. People started losing the interest in portrait painting as it required lot of time, efforts and money. Besides being expensive and time consuming, portrait painting have a charm of its own. The portrait paintings look classic and elegant. They look exclusive when hanged on the walls of your house, this is the reason that the people still get attracted towards portrait paintings and want to own them or gift them. Owning a handmade portrait painting is not difficult now as it was before. Now, you can convert photograph into portrait painting within 3 weeks without posing before the painter for hours altogether. You can just mail your digital photograph in the highest resolution possible and get a beautiful and creative portrait painting for yourself. You can also send 2-3 photographs and instruct the real live painters to paint a portrait painting which is the combination of those photos.

How to Order a Portrait Painting?

The service of converting photo into portrait painting offers an advantage of choosing the image, one wants to display on the canvas. This photo to portrait painting service is provided by many online websites. These online websites get the portrait painting created from real live painters and send it to the customers on their specified shipping address. They follow a procedure which helps the customers in ordering a portrait painting easily. To order the portrait painting, one needs to send the digital photograph in the highest resolution possible along with some details like dimension of the canvas and type of the painting. If you need to order a portrait painting which is a combination of more than one photo uploaded, then you have to send the instructions to the portrait painter specifying your requirements relating to your portrait painting. After the portrait painting has been completed by the talented real live painters, the image of the portrait painting will be sent to you for the final review and once you confirm the complete painting, your portrait painting will be sent to you at your shipping address. Before ordering a portrait painting, you just need to check that the gallery of the online portal offering photo to portrait painting services and ensure that they can create all kinds of portrait paintings like self portraits, family portraits, pet portraits, child portraits, wedding portraits, friend portraits and many more variations.

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Several techniques have been used to capture the images and preserve the memories but amongst all the techniques the portrait painting has touched the hearts of the people. Inspite of that the digital photograph displays the same image with highest quality, still the portrait painting has a magical effect on people and gives a different feeling. So, if you have a digital photograph which is one of your favorites and wish to convert into a portrait painting, just visit http://www.kunst-oelgemaelde.de and order a portrait painting today!!!

vonRG is one of the world leader in Photo to Painting services and offers handmade portrait paintings including self portraits, pet portraits, family portraits, wedding portraits, child portraits by real live painters, portrait painters and handmade portrait painters.

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