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World Without End
… What are you doing?” Duncan was skeptical. Artists he knew were dismissive of the technique that Murray was using; one had warned him that the results “look like shit.” … (Minecraft, an expansive world that was designed by only one person, also …
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100-year-old dancer, far from done
"It wasn't wild, untrammelled movement; there was a definite technique to do. It just suited me." Kramer credits the languid movements learned at Bodenwieser and her own love of expressive gestures with enabling her to continue her dancing career for …
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X-Ray Scans 'Dig' Beneath Layers of Rembrandt Painting
To learn more about how the Dutch painter created his masterpiece, art historians and researchers recently compared two imaging techniques that revealed hidden layers in the nearly 400-year-old painting. The oil painting, dated and signed in 1647 …
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